Kaylee Hilton

March 25th, 2013 by Pukka Fetish

It's not often that a model is so adorable that she can mess with my head…Enter Kaylee Hilton…19 years old and so ripe and so unaware…seemingly…she's old enough to know what that babyface can do to grown men…and young enough not to have control of it…Kaylee has very little experience in BDSM and she seemed a bit nervous…Enter Jordan Lane…I thought Jordan might be able to get through to her and get her in the proper head space…It took a bit of working, cussing, whipping and eventually, cock sucking…but Kaylee finally has the right idea at the end…bound…with cum covering her face and nowhere to go…it's a complete turn around from her shy and silly nature when Jordan first calls her out…I bind her between two uprights and go to work…what a perfect piece of ass…and all mine…I leave no doubt about that as I fondle her body at will and law down the law…I switch her position by pulling her arms through a wooden box, pulling her head tight to the top and leaving her ass high in the air…that cute little ass-hole is too inviting…and proves to be quite malleable…I stuff her with our largest plug and hammer it in with a cane…then a quick bulb enema…In the next scene, we lower her legs into holes up to her cunt and tie her in place…she tolerates clover clamps and heavy wieghts…but does less well with our mini-prod…the anxiety in that scene is very entertaining…then one of my favorite's…an upside down spread suspension…giving me such complete control of her pussy…I end with a new toy (the SnapDragon by SexAndMetal.com) on her inner thighs as her debt for the orgasms she previously had…Kaylee paid up nicely…In the end, I suppose she didnt mess with my head too much…but for a moment there, I almost felt sorry for her…almost…

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A couple of dirty bitches use a torture-chair on their girlfriend

August 30th, 2012 by Pukka Fetish

These two ladies really pulled out all the stops to make sure that this chair was going to serve its purpose and become the ultimate torture chair. They put it to the test when they got this skinny blonde secured in it, as her arms and legs were bound to the side to give them full access to her cunt in this extreme BDSM video. I’m certain the piercing she got on her clit long ago hurt, but it’s nothing like the clamp job these two do on her.

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Sindee Jennings

April 18th, 2010 by Pukka Fetish

Sindee Jennings has worked for us a couple of times on other sites, but this is the first time I got my hands on her. This has been a long time coming. I've been waiting and now it's my turn. She is so cute and innocent looking and so much fun to play with. I remembered that she is capable of taking very large things in her pussy and I put her little cunt to the test. I also put her in several intense positions and put her little body through some extreme pain and she repaid me with a finale of squirting orgasms…10 to be precise. I knew she had it in her and I took all of it away…

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Laci Laine

March 12th, 2010 by Pukka Fetish

Laci gets off on bondage and pain and that's exactly what Otto wanted in a slave. She struggles mightily in her cuffs and spreader bar to no avail as her Master gives her an initial inspection. Otto quickly reddens her flesh with open handed smacks across her succulent ass. He coarsely removes her underwear and teases her cunt with his cock before he buries it deep inside. Laci obediently slurps on his cock and proves she has what her Master seeks in a slave. She begs for cock and her wishes are granted as she takes a rough fucking…

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Daisy Marie & Skyler Blake

October 31st, 2009 by Pukka Fetish

Skyler finds herself rendered immobile while Daisy slaps and paws her succulent tits. Once Skyler's pussy gets nice and sopping wet, Daisy crawls underneath her buxom slave and begins fucking her cunt. Obediently Skyler takes the strokes deep and long as she is fucked to a moaning orgasm…

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Jasmine Jolie

October 15th, 2009 by Pukka Fetish

A special request has been delivered to DungeonCorp… Jasmine has been caught whoring by her husband and her ultimatum is to be bound and fucked on film or hit the streets. Being the sick bastards we are, we were more than happy to fulfill the request… While we prepare the set, beautiful Jasmine fingers her cunt on command and we begin to restrain her… The cameras roll and Jasmine apologizes for her whore-ish ways… Bent and bound her punishment begins and she is spanked, groped and fingered… Her defiant mouth is stuffed with cock and then her pussy is filled… The punishment continues and suddenly, Jasmine finds herself enjoying this rough treatment. With a faceful of cum, she is left screaming in darkness. Her husband has decided not to pay for our services and we will extract payment in other ways…

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Perfect Blonde Dominatrix Degrades And Humiliates Her Slave

October 6th, 2009 by Pukka Fetish

This wild mistress has one of her submissive subjects over and she immediately handcuffs him to a pole hanging from the ceiling of her dungeon. With all her tools laid out and ready, she stands in front of him, bending over and lightly grinding her rump against his unit. She taunts her slave for a few minutes more and then she walks to the table and gets up a ball gag. She crawls up behind him and jams it in his mouth, and as she drops to her knees this man thinks he’s about to get a blowjob. Close, but no cigar! She stops just shy of placing it in her mouth, and unchains him and commands him to lie flat on his back. As he lays there, she slowly slides off her underwear and sits down onto his face, rubbing her cunt hard against him. To see this and many more bondage movies like it, visit BDSM Giant today!

Hailey Young & Leah Wilde

September 14th, 2009 by Pukka Fetish

Hailey greets her struggling slave by fingering her pussy before she takes the whip to it. Slowly, she circles Leah's body whipping it roughly until her ass turns red. Taking full advantage, Hailey buries a finger in Leah before she eats her cunt. Leah then gets the wand thrust between her thighs and Hailey presses down hard on her clit. Begging for more, Leah grinds down hard on the vibe and lets loose an ear-shattering orgasm as Hailey keeps the vibe pressed against her sensitive, swollen pussy.

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Audrey Hollander

August 21st, 2009 by Pukka Fetish

Audrey struggles on the bed with her legs spread wide when Otto greets her and begins his mission of debauchery. Beautiful Audrey is gagged and spanked, mouth, cunt and ass-fucked and has all her gaping holes filled to the brim. Her submissive nature suits her well as she obeys her Master's commands until her face spattering finale.

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A girl gets her pussy whipped and then engages in electroplay with her older dominatrix

June 13th, 2009 by Pukka Fetish

No doubt we should praise this strict mistress for the great show we will witness here, as she’s the one who is the vet of BDSM action, possessing strong will and dirty mind to subjugate her helpless slaves, forcing them into passions and desires they can hardly bear and never forget. And, this time, having a gorgeous cunt bound and pinned on her table, clothed just in neck collar, she gives her for all it is worst a lesson of lust that comes from the sense of pain. She will give her slave painstaking flogging, she will finger-fuck her and discipline her hard, but the best moment will be her electric-shock surprise.

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